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Diabetes is a chronic disease that interferes with the body’s ability to process blood sugar. 

One common complication of diabetes is foot problems, which can range from nerve damage and poor circulation to foot ulcers and infections. 

Wearing the right type of footwear is crucial for people with diabetes to prevent foot injuries and maintain good foot health.

This blog post will explore the best diabetic cowboy boots for men, including features like steel toe, padded collar, and more that can help alleviate foot pain and discomfort.

What to consider when shopping for diabetic boots:

When shopping for diabetic boots, there are several important factors to consider.

First, it’s important to choose a boot with a steel toe for protection. A steel toe can help prevent foot injuries if you work in a job requiring heavy lifting or equipment handling.

Another important feature to look for is a padded collar and insole. The collar helps support the ankle and prevent rubbing, while a padded insole can provide extra cushioning and comfort.

Breathability is also key, as diabetics are more prone to foot sweating and infections. Look for boots made with materials that allow air to flow, such as mesh or leather.

Fit is crucial for diabetic boots, as ill-fitting footwear can cause blisters and other foot injuries. Look for boots with a wide width or the option to order a wide size for a more comfortable fit.

Finally, arch support is important for proper alignment and balance. Look for boots with built-in arch support or the option to add an insole for extra support.

Top brands for diabetic cowboy boots: 

Now that we’ve covered what to look for in diabetic cowboy boots let’s explore some of the top brands on the market.

Justin Boots is a well-known brand for both cowboy boots and diabetic-friendly footwear. Their boots are made with a steel toe and padded collar for protection and comfort, and they offer a wide width for a proper fit. Customers with diabetes rave about the relief these boots provide for foot pain.

Ariat is another top brand for diabetic cowboy boots. They offer a variety of steel toe and wide-width options, as well as padded insoles for extra comfort. Customers with neuropathy have praised the comfort and support of Ariat’s boots.

Laredo is a trusted brand for cowboy boots and offers a selection of diabetic-friendly options. Their boots feature a wide width and steel toe, and customers with diabetes appreciate the comfortable fit and sturdy construction.

Durango is a popular choice for diabetic cowboy boots, with features like a padded collar and breathable materials to help prevent foot sweating. Customers with ankle problems have reported improved support from the padded collar in Durango’s boots.

Thorogood is a brand known for their high-quality work boots, and their diabetic-friendly options are no exception. Their boots feature arch support for proper alignment and balance, and customers with diabetes have noted improved foot health from wearing Thorogood boots.

Customer reviews and recommendations: 

Now that we’ve introduced some of the top brands for diabetic cowboy boots let’s hear from customers with diabetes who have worn these boots.

“I recently purchased the Justin Boots steel-toe diabetic cowboy boots, and I couldn’t be happier. These boots have relieved my foot pain and worn well for daily wear. The wide width is a great fit, and the steel toe adds an extra layer of protection. Highly recommend.” – Jason, a customer with diabetes

“I have neuropathy in my feet, so finding comfortable shoes can be challenging. The Ariat diabetic cowboy boots have been a game-changer for me. The padded insole and sturdy construction provide excellent support. The steel toe is a must for my job as a construction worker. I highly recommend these boots for anyone with diabetes looking for a high-quality, comfortable option.” – Mike, a customer with diabetes.

“I worked as a ranch hand and needed a pair of cowboy boots to support my wide feet and protect me from heavy equipment. The Laredo wide-width, steel-toe diabetic cowboy boots have exceeded my expectations. The fit is comfortable, and the steel toe has saved my toes on more than one occasion. I highly recommend these boots for anyone with diabetes in a demanding job.” – Jake, a customer with diabetes.

“I have ankle issues and was having trouble finding a pair of cowboy boots to provide enough support. The Durango padded collar diabetic boots have significantly improved my comfort level. The padded collar helps keep my ankles stable, and the breathable materials prevent my feet from getting too sweaty. I highly recommend these boots for anyone with diabetes who needs extra ankle support.” – Scott, the customer with diabetes.

“I have diabetes and struggle with foot pain and balance issues. The Thorogood diabetic cowboy boots have been a lifesaver for me. The arch support helps with my balance, and the overall fit and construction are top-notch. I highly recommend these boots for anyone with diabetes looking for a high-quality option that promotes foot health.” – Dave, the customer with diabetes.

diabetic cowboy boots


In conclusion, people with diabetes need to invest in high-quality boots to support and protect their feet. 

Features like steel toe, padded collar, and breathability are important for the comfort and prevention of foot injuries. 

Brands like Justin Boots, Ariat, Laredo, Durango, and Thorogood offer a range of diabetic-friendly cowboy boots that have received excellent customer reviews. 

Don’t let diabetes stand in the way of finding a pair of comfortable, stylish cowboy boots. There are plenty of options available to fit your needs and preferences.

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